Habib: Iraq’s future is in our hands

During his attendance of an electoral rally organized by the Defense of the Private Oil Sector Association to support him on Wednesday, 9th of May 2018, Aras Habib Mohamed Kareem said that the future of Iraq is in our hands and we are the ones who will make change happen this year.

Sheikh Kazem Maala, the Association’s president said: “We welcome Mr. Habib, who has worked in and greatly supported the private sector. His aim is not to get a position or benefit from it, but to change the reality of things with an aspirational project and vision.”

“Considering the many obstacles and difficulties that are being faced by the private sector, we can safely say that it is time to move on to the next stage,” Habib said.

“The support of the private sector and investments will contribute to the advancement of the country in various areas,” he added. He also highlighted the need to take advantage of the petrochemical industries.