Mr. Kareem addressed the Iraqi Diaspora

On May 4, 2018, the INC secretary General, Aras Habib Kareem, addressed the Iraqi diaspora requesting their participation in the forthcoming election:

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in the diaspora,

May peace be with you,

Iraq is approaching a pivotal moment in its modern history, which is the completion of the democratic experiment through the ballot boxes.

The Iraqis who have triumphed over the dark forces of terrorism today are approaching a new era, that of the civic life which everyone is calling for because it alone reflects the true framework of the concepts of patriotism, justice, human rights and law enforcement.

My brothers and sisters,

Everyone knows that our youth constitutes more than 60% of Iraq’s population. This alone is sufficient evidence of this society’s vitality and its ability to renew itself.

Your contribution to the process of change, whether through the elections or later on through the use of your potentials and capabilities in various fields, gives us the hope we need to implement our ambitious program in our contemporary state. This is the state that we have defined according to two main areas that will receive our focused attention: economic development and social justice.

I firmly believe that you will not cut corners when it comes to giving your country the talent and energy it needs even if certain circumstances beyond your will forced you to emigrate.

Iraq is our country, it belongs to all of us and no party can monopolize it or categorize its people.


Peace, mercy and blessings

Aras Habib Kareem      

INC Secretary General