The Secretary-General: Al Nasr’s list will be victorious and Abadi is our candidate for Prime Minister

On Tuesday, 8th of May 2018, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress, Aras Habib Mohammed Kareem, asserted that “according to our statistics and expectations, Al Nasr’s list will be victorious” and stressed that Dr. Abadi is the coalition’s only candidate for Prime Minister.

During “Al Mounawara” program, which runs on the Dajla satellite channel and is presented by Ghazwan Jassim, Habib said: “Al Nasr coalition, led by Abadi, is not affiliated with any party.”

Habib expressed his fear of fraud and interference attempts that could affect the electoral centers outside Iraq.

“There are comments regarding the polling stations outside the country as they are still using the old system which may expose them to fraud,” he said, noting that these comments will be submitted to the Higher Electoral Commission.