The Secretary General attends a massive electoral rally: We will take the path of success and give back to the children of our homeland

On Thursday, 10th of May 2018, a massive electoral rally, coordinated by the National Conference’s Faili official, Mr. Abbas Daoud to support Aras Habib Mohammed Kareem, the Baghdad governorate candidate for the Al-Nasr coalition, was held at the gardens of the Iraqi Hunting Club in Baghdad and attended by the Persian and Arab Kurdish masses.

“We meet today to convey a message of strength and love to the whole world,” said Sheikh Mohamed Saeed Al-Nomani, president of the General Faili Conference. “Today we resolutely announce our support to Engineer Aras,” he added.

“We have suffered a great deal of injustice and the time has come to realize our hopes for justice and equality in our country. This is our day and our opportunity to choose a leader from among us and that represents us,” Mr. Abbas said in his speech.

Habib said: “We have to trust in our collective strength. I urge you to unite your forces and move away from those who want to distract you.”

“We will keep our word and give back to the Iraqi people. We will take the path of success which leads to rebuilding our dear country and healing its wounds,” he added.