The Secretary General of the Iraqi National Congress issues a statement in response to the allegations of the US Treasury Department

Following the US Treasury’s allegations and accusations against him and the Islamic Bank of Iraq, the Iraqi National Congress’ Secretary General, Aras Habib Kareem, issued a statement saying:

“After it became apparent that we were about to get a much deserved seat in the parliament, some parties started to raise issues in order to sow dissident.

While we are surprised by the timing of the statement issued by the US Treasury Department, especially before the announcement of the final results of the Iraqi elections, we confirm that we have in our possession all the conclusive evidence required to refute these false allegations against my person and the Islamic Bank of Iraq.

We pledge on behalf of the Islamic Bank of Iraq, to provide all the evidence that exonerates us from these false allegations to the Central Bank of Iraq which is the only regulatory body to which we are subjected.

We will pursue these false accusations in all legal ways available in Iraq and in the United States of America until the truth is revealed.

We also assure our people who have given us their trust that we are and continue to be the voice that conveys their hopes and aspirations. “