The Secretary-General opens Al-Amana football stadium

On Wednesday 16-8-2017, the people and dignitaries of Al-Amanah district received the Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress, Aras Habib Kareem, under the slogan “Thank you… Thank you, Aras Al-Habib” in recognition of his dedication to the people of this area, which was represented by the establishment of a football stadium

“I am very happy to be among you my brothers and sisters. The establishment of the football field is a gift from me to you hoping it will be a space of entertainment and faith for our children,” Habib said. “Sports is a beautiful activity and one of the most important things that has always united the Iraqi people”, he added.

He concluded saying: “Young people are the future of the country, you are the ones who will build the new Iraq, and this place will enable you to be loving brothers who support one another”.