The Secretary General: We will correct our mistake by electing the best candidates

During a meeting with a group of people from the Maamel area, the Secretary General of the Iraqi National Congress, Aras Habib Mohammed Kareem said on May 6th, 2018, that our faulty choices led us to the situation we are in today but there is an opportunity to correct the path and achieve change.

“The citizens have suffered from poor services for several years and we have to correct this by electing the best candidates,” he said. “You have an opportunity to change, do not lose it.”

“Achieving our goal spans over the four upcoming years; we will be able to create young leaders capable of steering the country. What you need to do now is unite your forces, your words and your decisions,” he added.

The participants emphasized: “Habib’s views are the reason we are here today as we are looking national figures seeking to rebuild Iraq and whose electoral program is comprehensive and unique.”