The Secretary-General: When every Iraqi becomes prosperous then we will know that we have succeeded

On Saturday, May 5, 2011, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress, Aras Habib Mohammed Kareem attended a mass rally for his electoral support.

Sheikh Ali Al-Daraji thanked the attendees who came from different parts of Baghdad. “In my name and in the name of all the attendees, I welcome Mr. Habib whom I fully support because he represents us and meet the needs of the citizens,” he said.

“He supports all segments of society and his humanitarian work needs no introduction. We will continue to support him until the completion of his project in 2022,” he added.

“Only seven days separate us from the elections and the question is whether we will achieve change through the ballot boxes,” Habib said.

“When every Iraqi becomes prosperous then we will know that our project has succeeded and that we have been able to achieve what we aspire to,” he added.

Habib went on to say: “The state of the citizenship project seeks to advance our economic and social reality through plans and visions developed to rebuild our dear homeland.”