Wasit elders and dignitaries: We need a patriotic man for the next stage

The Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress, Aras Habib Kareem, received on Tuesday 15/8/2017 a delegation of elders and dignitaries from the Wasit governorate.

During the meeting, they discussed the developments of the Iraqi scene in general and Wasit in particular, and the problems that citizens face in their everyday life from service to security. 

Mr. Kareem said: “Today we can implement change through the establishment of a civil state that can provide reassurance to the Iraqi people that they are all equal and that their allegiance should go to their country regardless of their race and doctrine,” noting that: “Everything must be made available to the citizens who also need artistic, sports, recreational and academic centers to develop and foster their talent. We should also support marginalized women, who have long been viewed by society as second-class citizens, and thus exploit the buried talents of our society members whose creativity will contribute to the rise of our culture and economy.”

He added: “The memory of young people today is full of blood, and most young people are not loyal to any political party or figure, they want someone who can give them hope and the promise of better life. So far there has been no serious exploitation of our resources, brains, education, and manpower.”

The Wasit delegation said that “What Iraq needs today is a patriotic man. The civil state is the solution; since the fall of the former regime, we have been hoping for a change to take place in the country but the right person has not yet been chosen for the right place.”

With regards to Wasit they pointed out that: “This province is rich in oil, but its general situation is poor due to the negligence of the public services sector as the city needs hospitals, schools and street planning.” “Even youth entertainment places have been closed.”

At the end of the meeting, the parties stressed that the only solution is that the next elections bring a change to the current situation and that the choice be made on the basis of patriotism and not political affiliation”.